Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why do I Love You?

Your eyes look at my eyes
Your fingers touch my fingers
You smile, I'm flattered;
A simple beginning of love
Your love is no more than a morning
that always wakes (me) up

You open the net of my heart,
You pour the wine into my cup,
two centimeter from the bottom,
'I don't want you to be drunk', you said

Your love is no more than light that
accompanies the night

no enchant chain of words,
my words sink into your hugs
your words are foundered in my hands' reach,
your heartbeats thunder my chest, explode but does not
scratch, ripples but does not become waves,
moves softly,
closes my eyes and your eyes in the beauty
that does not soar

Your love is no more than a swallow of water that
quench my thirst

You do not let my sorrow becomes cry,
You do not let my laugh makes me be forgetful,
You never put stocks in my leg so that
I can walk, run,
You never tie chains in my hands,
so that I can hold the world,
to materialize hope,
Your love is the blanket that calms me

You let me:
go and come in your poem
to choose the lyrics to write my story
Your love is the wind that guides me
You liberate me
into an independent soul

that's why
I love you

P/S: Copied from the Myspace of grobes.K├Ątzchen - credit to u leen.. :)


SwapNAVY said...

jiwa kacau ke bro..nanti balek tepeng kacau jer dodol kan senang..taipin with love jkat area mane bro?

Jrry said...

haha xde la tepeng sgt broo.. aku kat semanggol.. hehe.. dato onn penah ckp.. bahaya dari gunung.. wakaka..

SwapNAVY said...

wakakakaka akawan aku pun ada dok semanggol..ko kat belah maner..

Jrry said...

aku kat pekan simpang empat ni.. umah aku dkt dgn skolah rendah.. nak dtg ke? hahaha..

SwapNAVY said...

ha3..if aku dtang saner kena kenal2 lah kat aku awek2 sane..ekekekkekekek oic....insyAllah akan sampai juga...

Jrry said...

haha workey.. 0175625532.. kasi ring2 card la sama aku kalo ko dtg.. haha..

SwapNAVY said...

wokey i c u when i see u...